Company Culture


To be the most respected enterprise globallyis ourcompany   vision,Responsibility,

Innovation, Strength is ourspirits.Responsibility isenterprise expansion, leading theindustry and benefits the people.Innovationistranscendoneself , being the pioneer and pursuiting the value


Satisy theEmployees, Satisfy the Customers, Satisfy the Shareholders.

The “ 3S ”slogan was originally put forward by new Chairman of the Board, Zhao Yong.After a long time of practice, the "3S ” has become the managementconception of CHANGHONG.

The convergency of “ 3S ” isdefinitely inseparable. Only by respecting and concerning the employees can wesatisfy them. The employees feel contented and provide high-quality productsand service to the customers. The customers are satisfied and pay out of theirown pockets for our products. And then we get profits. Finally, theshareholders get a deserved return and feel contented. Thus, the employees 'loyalty and the customers ' trust are realized; the win-win between CHANGHONGand the shareholders are reached.

Satisfy the Employees is thecornerstone.

The corporation tries best to meet all the reasonabledemands of the staff: to help the staff realize individual career plan, to setup the platform for the staff perform, to keep an eye on the health and safetyof the staff.

Satisfy the Customers is the core.

Service First, Credible Security. We commit to createhigh-class products and high-quality service.

Commercial Reputation is the comprehensive reflection ofour high-quality products, fast and efficient service, market size and highpopularity. This is the whole impression of CHANGHONG on the customers. It isaccumulated bit by bit and is the foundation of keeping the business forever.Every one of us should take the goodwill into account.

All the units and each employee should listenattentively to the advice from customers, especially the criticisms. Customers' attitude and advice is our most valuable wealth, and what we can just do isto improve until customers feel satisfied.

Satisfy the Shareholders is the goal.

To run business with honesty and integrity, and with consisten t return; to helpthe society and the nation allay worries and tide over difficulties; to achievecivic honor.